Wireless Speaker

The category of wireless speakers evolves and multiplies at a rate similar to new titles on Netflix. When it comes to driver-housing sonic boxes (cylinders, oblongs, spheres, wedges, jewels and teardrops) if you just want something for blasting out tunes in the kitchen, there are now some splendid options out there for little money.

But if you need a wi-fi speaker for home with a bit more versatility and have a slightly more malleable budget, you can get a whole host of features plus better sound and multi-room capabilities for marginally (or substantially) more outlay. 

Increasingly, wireless speakers also boast smart skills if you want them, with voice assistants such as Amazon’s Alexa and Google Assistant baked in for good measure. That means they’ll be at your beck and call when it comes to shopping, weather forecasts or taking charge of smart home appliances including your lights and thermostat.